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The LDP3.0M, is a complete pack including an induction loop amplifier LD3.0, a 100 meter loop cable spool, a loop receiver OP-FSM-02 with headset, a transportation case with wheels, a connection panel and a pack of audio link cables.

The LDP3.0M is a version with a wireless microphone supplied in the kit.

The LD3.0 supplied in this package is an high efficiency class D amplifier, with a 92% efficiency. It guarantee an optimumpower for medium and large rooms up to 1000 m².

This device is composed of 2 inputs (combo and terminal block), switchable into a line or microphone and a priority 100V input.

The LD3.0 provides an output current of 10A RMS as well as a compressor and a AGC, ensuring an optimum audio quality. This portable solution has been designed to be temporarly installed for meetings, conferences or events.

The LD3.0 have been developed with strict and rigorous specifications that allow us to offer a 5 years warranty.

  • High efficiency class D amplifier
  • 3 inputs : 2 line or mircophone inputs (connectors : 1 Phoenix and 1 Combo), 1 priority input for 100V
  • Default relay NO-NC for the monotoring of power supply, amplifier and loop good functionning.
  • Compact : 1 half 19’‘/1U,possibility to integrate 2 amplifiers into 1 rack unit
  • Wall mounting kit available as an option : OP-R
  • Natural convection thanks to its high efficiency and to its low consumption (7,5W)
  • Phase shift module integrated (90° or 0° output)
  • Automatic gain control
  • Metal loss correction
  • Suitable for installation complying with the EN60118-4 international norm
  • 5 Year Warranty
Coverage 1000m² (20x45m²)
Audio inputs 3 differencial inputs: 2x line/microphone and 1X 100V
Connector type Phoenix and/or Combo Neutrik
Phantom supply 12V 2mA
Sensitivity -50dB microphone, +40dB 100V, -10dB line
Priority 100V input, INPUT 1
Type Integrated
Voltage 115/230Vac (automatic) 50/60Hz
Nominal power consumption at 1 Ohm 90 W
Maximum input power <350 VA
Consumption at rest on connected loop 9W at 230V AC, 1 loop of 1 Ohm connected, at ambient temperature after 30 minutes of stabilization
THD <0,5% at 1ohm /1KHz / nominal current
Automatic Gain Control AGC optimized for speech, dynamic > 36dB
Bandwidth 80Hz to 9,5KHz
Loop impedance 0,5Ω to 3Ω
Output voltage 34Vrms (48Vpk)
Peak current 15A pK
Peak current (at 1KHz) 10Arms
Slave output 0° or 90° phase shift
LED displays Power, Protect, Clip and Loop
Metal loss correction 0 to 3dB/octave
Relay NO/NC fault relay
0,5A/125Vac, 1A/24VDC
HxLxD 42 x 200 x 215mm
Weight 1,48 kg

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