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Into a complex environment such as a reception or at the checkout of a supermarket, hearing aids of hearing people cannot guarantee an optimal listening. Indeed, surrounded sounds are amplified by the hearing aids. In this context, a hearing people would meet comprehension difficulties.


This type of installation allows :

  • A direct and qualitative communication with hearing people equipped
  • A comprehension for everyone
  • An unique listening experience for the hearing people
  • A time saving

Opus Technologies amplifiers allows to :

  • Communicate directly with the hearing people equipped without complementary receiver
  • Be installed directly on a reception or a checkout without modification on the workstation


Some elements have to be taken into account throughout the material installation for having an optimal performance of our system :

  • An integration into or onto the reception
  • The metal presence into the furniture
  • The listening zone in front of the reception or the checkout

For this installation, we recommend :


Loop amplifier for 250 m² rooms


Loop amplifier for desks, counters or small rooms


Over-the-counter intercom with touch pad and loop


Kit who allow you to set directly the induction loop