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Induction loop installation

Several kind of induction loop installations can be set, depending on the structure or the utilization of a room.

Single loop

The single loop is the most known, it can be easily set when there are not adjoining rooms, stage or metal structure.

This kind of installation is great for conference or meeting rooms.

Single array loop

In another case, a single array is used for larger rooms. It allows to reduce the width of the loop segment and to reduce the necessary power.

Warning, this kind of layout creates shadow zones. Therefore, these shouldn’t be placed on a listening zone.

This kind of installation furnishes optimal hearing condition to room with a fixed placing (when the auditor doesn’t move across the room such as into an amphitheater or a theater).

concellation loop

The cancellation loop is a solution which allows to control the dissemination of the magnetic field to one direction.

This installation avoids resonance on a stage. Indeed, dynamic microphones can create interferences with the magnetic field and then, create a feedback. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the radiation of the stage.

low loss array multiloops

Some elements represent a difficulty for integrating induction loops, for example the high presence of metal or of adjoining rooms.

In this case, low loss array multiloops is the ideal layout. Indeed, this solution avoids that metal absorb the magnetic field and also limits the radiation of the magnetic field outside the room.

ultra low loss array multiloops

In another context, some rooms can be used in a confidential need (such as a court). Therefore, it is necessary to limit the radiation of the magnetic field to the room surface with ultra low loss array multiloops.

By going further in this case, ultra low loss array multiloops can be independently deployed for each adjoining rooms. This configuration is adapted to various activities such as training workshops, conference or meeting rooms.