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Museum, airports or any other touristic location can be complex environments for hard of hearing people. Indeed, they are often crowded, with noises around them which make difficult for the hearing impaired to enjoy the experience. All sounds are amplified by the hearing aid, in this context, a hearing impaired person will encounter difficulties of comprehension. Faced with this problem, several hearing accessibility solutions can meet these needs such as the UHF transmission system or the magnetic loop.


This type of installation allows :

  • Direct and quality communication with the hearing impaired.
  • A unique experience
  • Culture accessible for all

The Opus Technologies UHF transmission system allows :

  • To transmit the voice of a person to one or more receivers (up to 16 channels)
  • The user to move freely through the equipped space without any alteration of listening
  • A very simple installation and use of the system

Opus Technologies amplifiers allows :

  1. To communicate directly with the hearing impaired when they come to a reception desk
  2. To be installed directly on the reception desk without any modification on the workstation
  3. To be integrated into means of transport

For this installation, we recommend :


Mobile wireless system for speech transmission


Mobile wireless system for speech reception


Over-the-counter intercom with touch pad and loop


Complete wireless communication