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What is a loop amplifier ?

Most the hearing impaired people would say that hearing aids work properly in face-to-face situations. Problems show-up when the same people are surrounded by noises, like in reception desk, or when the distance between a speaker and a listener is too far like in a theater or a conference hall.

Therefore, loop amplifier are a good solution to solve these problems. An induction loop is a simple assistive listening system which enables good hearing conditions for hearing impaired people in equipped facilities.

A hearing loop is an assistive listening system for hearing-impaired people that can broadcast an audio signal through the creation of a magnetic field.

The sound from the microphone, a sound equipment, a television set or other, is transmitted wirelessly to the hearing aid of the person who will be able to hear it without being disturbed by any surrounding noise.

This system is mainly used in places open to public (conference rooms, cinemas, courts, churches, counters, etc.) but can also be installed at home.

Most of the world countries have to meet the obligations stipulated in the framework of the Disability Act. Therefore, institutions must put in place available systems allowing accessibility to people with hearing loss for receiving good informations.

The equipped places are recognizable all over the world thanks to this pictogram.

Thanks to a magnetic field system that goes from the induction loop installed into the room to the hearing aids in T position, surrounding noises disappear and the sounds broadcasted by the voice of a speaker or the music of a show are directly transmitted through the ears of the hearing impaired.

To take advantage of the Opus Technologies induction loop system, a person with hearing loss just need to switch its hearing aids on the T Position.


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