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Opus Technologies designs and manufactures in France the most compact class D loop amplifier series, offering the best performance on the market.
Our exclusive technology provides hearing-impaired people with improved sound quality in public places such as theaters, conference rooms or reception counters.

To ensure the following of our partners and to maximize the number of installations that comply with the requirements of IEC-60118-4, we provide permanent support to all our dealers. We also provide customized case studies, technical training, but also a custom design of Class D amplification products.

Our 10 years of experience in electronic and audio development allow us to combine in-depth knowledge in class D amplification technology with  mastering the reality in the world of AV installation.

As a member of the IHLMA (Hearing Loop Manufacturers Association), we maintain a dialogue with our colleagues in the industry to develop the market and the standards that govern it.


The quality of audio processing is at the heart of the design process of our amplifiers. Our systems incorporate a compressor to eliminate clipping, TO limit and avoid audio signal distortion, to provide optimal comfort for people who are hard of hearing. This treatment grants users with exceptional clarity.

We maintain close links with end users via the hearing impaired associations in order to guarantee products that combine reliability, simplicity and quality of listening without fault.

Your satisfaction is out priority. We will be always avaible to advise you and to bring you our expertise.
Our systems are developped with strict and rigorous specifications, and proven technology associated with quality of manufacturing allow us to offer you a 5 year manufacturer warranty.


We believe in market developments and we make progress every day in the development of projects to bring you new solutions, always with this idea in mind: reliability, simplicity and listening quality as priority.

Our participations in national and international fairs allows us to be at the customer’s beside, which impulse us to innovate.

Why choose Opus Technologies?

We offer a wide range of ultra compact and efficient loop amplifiers, guaranteeing a targeted, judicious and qualitative response while optimizing budget costs.
Our class D loop amplifiers are designed and manufactured in France, in the Bordeaux region, which allows us to guarantee 5 years our products.
We put our knowledge and expertise at your service to assist you in your projects.

In reality, the installation of a magnetic loop requires taking into account many factors, such as :

  • Magnetic pollution
  • The presence of metal reinforcement, (ceilings, reinforced concrete, floor, metal beams, etc),
  • The room’s shape,
  • If several rooms are equipped next to each other (classroom, offices, etc),
  • The configuration of the place (cinemas, theaters, conference rooms, reception desks, etc),
  • The ideal installation height of the loop,
  • The possibilities of implementation.

It is important to consider all these elements as early as possible in your project, this will allow you to perfom your installation in the best conditions.

Years of expertise at your service

Architects, installers, resellers or operators, we invite you to contact us during the planning of your project to best meet your needs and the specific requirements of your facilities.

We assist you and provide you with accurate studies for the most complex installations.
In many cases, it is imperative to take into account a number of constraints such as confidentiality (such as courts or boardrooms) or the presence of numerous rooms side by side (such as classrooms of schools or universities). It is therefore essential to limit external radiation as much as possible by using low-emergence systems.

These installations involve the implantation of two magnetic loops with a phase shift of 90 ° in order to obtain a uniform distribution without shadow zones inside the loop. The system then allows clean and uniform coverage optimization, a greatly reduced feedback effect at lower currents, extremely low radiation and reduced sensitivity.

The study of a low-crosstalk system is complex and requires precise technical knowledge. We can provide you with a study for your projects to ensure a compliant and trouble-free installation. We guarantee a fast, efficient and professional service.

Meet Smartloop, our in house modeling software

Thanks to our research and our knowledge in the field of hearing accessibility, we have developed one of the most complete and powerful computer simulation software to offer you the ultimate tool to create models. Smartloop guarantees technical studies that comply with the EN60118-4 standard for complex magnetic loop installations.

This software is available online for all our resellers and partners and will allow you to carry out the most complex technical studies and will guide you in choosing the most suitable hardware solution for your project.

Click on the logo bellow to learn more about Samrtloop and discover its outstanding ergonomics and unique features.
Discover in video the extraordinary power of calculation and the simplicity of use.

How it works?

Microphones built into hearing aids are not always enough to ensure comfortable listening and understanding. In congested areas such as shops, theaters, conference rooms, the environment can be noisy. People with hearing loss perceive an ambient hubbub that does not allow them to follow a conversation or event in optimal conditions.

Hearing loop systems

With the hearing loop, a sound can be  transmit by an amplifier (1) to the hearing loop (2) directly into the hearing aid or cochlear implant (3) with a receiver (coil).
if you prominently install the sticker indicating the presence of hearing loop, hearing-impaired people will be in total autonomy and use the system comfortably (4) and (5).
This type of equipment ensures listening and intelligibility for people with hearing loss. Howerver, installing a induction loop system that has been poorly studies upstream will have an impact on hearing quality for the hearing impaired. This is why we support you, whatever your projects.


UHF wireless system

After studying, and given the constraints on each building, such as the presence of metal structures that would disturb the magnetic field, it turns out that it is sometimes impossible to install a magnetic induction loop system.
That’s why we offer a new line of UHF wireless audio transmission products that provide auditory access to the public through individual induction loops.
The UHF wireless audio system transmits the voice of a person or any sound signal to one or more receivers. Our transmitters and receivers can cover up to 16 channels and offer optimal sound quality.
Equipped with magnetic collars, the receivers will act as a personal magnetic loop and the signal will then be transmitted directly into hearing aids.
It is also possible to connect a conventional headset, the system can then be quite suitable for guided tour for example.
Thanks to the multiplicity of our accessories, our UHF audio transmission system is one of the most efficient and versatile on the market today, guaranteeing clear sound even in a noisy environment.

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