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While the coronavirus is spreading all around the world. It is clear that, we have to join forces and to adapt our working methods to overcome this crisis.

As most of companies, Opus Technologies wants to strive against the propagation of the virus by offering a special range of products dedicated in this difficult times.

The whole Opus Technologies team whishes to express its support for you and for your family.

Plug & play windows intercom systems

To maintain the dialogue into the best conditions, a lot of merchants installed plexiglass windows in front of their supermarket cashiers or receptionists to perpetuate their activity.

This solution is great in terms of protection but altere the dialogue quality.

In order to optimize our interactions, the OP-6505 is a window intercom composed of one speaker, one microphone integrated into a unit which can be set on a window or any smooth wall and a desk microphone with a speaker at the employees side.

This system can also integrate a loop amplifier DCL20. Called OP-6505B, This product permits to hearing people to face their comprehension problems which are higher than usual because of the plexiglass window.

Full duplex communication systems

Speaking by keeping its distances is a dificulty for some working environments, such as plants, hospitals or for any activity which needs a dialogue between several services.

In this context, thanks to our partnership with Bicom, Opus Technologies offers a full duplex communication system which allows to one or several groups of personns to communicate over distance. This system ensures a continuous exchange between the different groups.

The D6 solution is designed to provide a professionnal communication solution. Easy to use, this product is furnished with D6 units and listening accessories such as micro-headset for a free hand utilization.

For further informations about our solutions, feel free to download our brochure below or contact us via contact@opus-technologies.fr