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DCL20 is an induction loop kit which enables to equip reception desks or counter. This system enables to meet equal opportunity standards and provide accessibility to hearing-impaired people who own a hearing-aid with « T » position.

The provided kit includes the induction loop amplifier, a microphone, a loop, a power block and 3 « adapted for hearingimpaired area » stickers. The device includes an audio processing which enables to have an automatic sound recording level enslavement avoiding loud and sudden noises.

Input 2 (1 micro or line input and 1 line input)
Type Micro jack 3,5, terminal block
Phantom 4,5V1mA
Caractéristics  12V DC1,5A
Type Separated power block
Voltage 230V 50/60 Hz
Power  20W max
Fuse Thermal
Audio processor
Compressor Variable 1 : 1 à 20 : 1
Etching 10 mS
Lowering Automatic 500mS or 1500 mS
Noise reduction Limited bandwith for 8 KHz total gain, 16 KHz – 6dB
Dynamic >60dB
THD <0,5%
Type Current
Loop impedance 0,1 Ohm to 1Ohm
Peak current 3,5A
RMS Power 1,5A à 1KHz
Protection Thermal, short circuit and start
Size and eight (mm)
DCL20 92x52x18 (LxHxP)
Packaging 190x190x50
Weight 0,850kg


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