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Last year, AXIANS installed a hearing assistance system in the museum of Château Monbazillac.

Overlooking the Dordogne valley, the Château de Monbazillac estate, an exceptional 16th century residence and symbol of the terroir of the same name, wanted to give its museum dedicated to the vine a facelift. A project supported by the winegrowers’ association aimed at creating a place of education, a witness to history.

Within this listed castle, you can navigate from the past to the present thanks to new technologies. The visit has become dynamic, collaborative, immersive and fun thanks to videos, audio commentaries, light shows, riddles, mapping and animations around emblematic objects of the winegrowing culture and its history.

In order to make the visit accessible to all audiences, including the hearing impaired, the association has entrusted AXIANS to equip these new interactive systems with a magnetic induction loop.

The project

The museum’s ambition was to give life to everyday objects used in viticulture or paintings, by making them interactive. Each element had to broadcast an audio tape at each passage thanks to a movement sensor.

In order to make this device inclusive, the objective was to make this broadcast audio accessible to the hearing impaired.

In order to make this possible, our expert equipped each support with DCL20 magnetic loop amplifiers from Opus Technologies. Taking into account the specific constraints of the project, the integration of each magnetic loop was carefully studied, with integration both on the floor and directly on the interactive supports

The challenge

The challenge of this project was to make this device operational, taking into account the phenomenon of metallic absorption and magnetic radiation on the twenty or so loops installed within the same space.

Type of interactive object equipped

Under the carpet

The loop system is hidden under the carpet. This installation allows the hearing impaired person to be able to hear the sound when positioned on the chair.

Under the table

The loop system is concealed under the table. This installation allows the hearing impaired person to be able to hear the sound around the table.

Inside a lamp

The loop system is hidden inside the lamp. This installation allows the hearing impaired person to hear the sound when positionned under the lamp.

Behind a chart

The loop system has for objective to create a micro zone of listening for an individual receiver positionned in front of the chart.
For this project, we would like to thank our client, Château Monbazillac, for its confidence and the installer AXIANS for its expertise.
Opus Technologies

You want to know more about the product listed in this article ?

The Loop Cable

The Loop Cable is a cable with a variable resistance to the induction loop. It can be installed through a floor, a wall, or ceiling.

The Loop Cable can be adapted with every induction loop.

The DCL20

DCL20 is an induction loop kit which enables to equip small area as reception desks or counter. This system enables to meet equal opportunity standards and provide accessibility to hearing-impaired people who own a hearing-aid with « T » position.


New Swedish partner for OPUS Technologies !!

Opus Technologies appoint SAC Nordic as its new exclusive distributor for Sweden ! Sweden is concerned by hard of hearing people daily struggle implied by their disability and an AFILS (Audio Frequency Induction Loop System) friendly country for many years now....