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The DLC20-65 is an audio accessibility kit for counters and reception desks. Combined with an intercomfromthe OP-65 range (05/07/02IP), it guarantees clear and intelligible communications for the hard of hearing people. This product is intended for any establishment receiving the public. It has the advantage of being one of the most compact on the market, allowing for discreet integration while guaranteeing optimal performance. The DCL20-65 kit is a durable solution for the accessibility of reception desks.

The amplifier is designed to be mounted discreetly under a desk or counter. It is equipped with two inputs, three adjustment potentiometers and two LEDs indicating the presence of power and loop current. The unit incorporates audio processing to automatically control the recording levels, avoiding sudden loud noises (AGC: Automatic Gain Control.)

The DCL20-65 is designed to meet the requirements of the IEC60118-4 standard and to ensure the accessibility of public buildings, in accordance with the law on equal opportunities. The kit is designed to provide accessibility for hearing impaired people with a hearing aid equipped with the T (Telecoil) position.

This kit includes:
• A DCL20 amplifier
• A power supply
• A 1,80m loop cable and adaptor
• One link cable
• One audio cable
• Adhesive clips
• A set of 3 stickers « space adapted for hearing impaired».

Input 2 (1 microphone or line input and 1 line input)
Type Micro jack 3.5, Phoenix terminal block
Phantom 4,5V, 1mA
Power supply
Characteristics  12V DC, 1,5A
Type Separated power box
Voltage 230V 50/60 Hz
Power  20W max
Fuse Thermal
Audio processor
Compressor Variable from  1 : 1 up to 20 : 1
Etching 10 mS
Lowering Automatic 500mS or 1500 mS
Noise reduction Bandwith Limits for 8 KHz total gain, 16 KHz, -6dB
Dynamic >60dB
THD THD+N<0,5% à 1 KHz
Type Current
Loop impedance From 0,5 Ohm up to 1Ohm
Peak current 4A
RMS Power From 2A up to 1KHz
Protection Thermal, short circuit and start
Dimensions and weight (mm)
DCL20 92x52x18 (LxHxP)
Packaging 190x190x50
Weight 0,350kg



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