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Combined with one or more OP-10R receivers, the OP-10T transmitter forms a mobile wireless system for speech transmission, for example, for guided tours or speeches in multiple languages.

The wireless system transmits in the 863-865 MHz UHF bandwidth on 16 fixed channels. The range of transmission depends on the configuration of the places of use and can be up to 60m.

Supplied with a microphone, it can transmit the voice of a person to one or more receivers type OP-10R.

Its Lithium battery offers an autonomy of 14 hours.

Radio frequency range 863-865 MHz, divided into 16 channels
Audio frequency range 40Hz – 18Hz
Transmission power 10mW
Internal microphone of transmitter Electret microphone (cardioid)
Transmitter Electret earband microphone (omnidirectional) with cable clip 2x pop shield, neckband
Operating time of battery Up to 14 hours (depending on volume)
Dimensions 54 x 99 x 17mm
Weight 80g

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