The Opus Technologies LD3.2 is next-generation, low-loss magnetic loop amplifier. This device incorporates two independent amplifiers out of phase.

They provide an output current of 2X10Arms, as well as a AGC to ensure optimum audio quality. The amplifier incorporates a fault synthesis that controls continuously the loop and the amplifier. The information is displayed on the front panel and can be deported thanks to a dry contact.

It can equip adjoining rooms (amphitheater, courtroom, etc) with two magnetic loops installed hairpin. This type of installation makes it possible to limit the external radiation of the magnetic field, to guarantee uniformity of coverage and to provide a power which makes it possible to limit the distortions due to the presence of metal.

The LD3.2 proven technology and quality of manufacturing allow us to offer a 5 years warranty.

  • Class D amplifier
  • Ultra compact design
  • Total efficiency up to 92%
  • Fanless convection
  • Hight output voltage up to 48Vpk
  • Automatic gain control
  • Metal loss correction
  • Wall rounting attachment
  • Continuous loop monitoring with NO-NC relay
  • 5 years warranty
Coverage max: single loop 2000m² (25x80m²)
Coverage max: multiloop 1000m² (20x50m²)
Audio input 3 differencial inputs: 2x line/microphone and 1X 100V
Connector type Phoenix and/or Combo Neutrik
Phantom supply 12V 2mA
Sensitivity -50dB micro, +40dB 100V, -10dB line
Slave input 6,35mm jack plub, second LD3.2
Priority 100V, input 1
Type Integrated
Voltage 115/230Vac (automatic) 50/60Hz
Power 600VA
Idle consumption 9W
THD <0,5% at 1ohm /1KHz / full current
Automatic Gain Control AGC optimized for speech, dynamic > 36dB
Bandwidth 80Hz to 9,5KHz
Phase change Included
Loop impedance 0,5Ω to 3Ω
Output voltage 34Vrms (48Vpk)
Peak current 2X15A
Peak current (at 1KHz) 2X10Arms
LED displays Power, Protect, Clip and Correct Loop
Metal loss correction Adjustable from 0 to 3dB/octave
Relay NO/NC fault relay
HxLxD 42 x 200 x 215mm
Weight 1,3 kg

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