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The Opus Technologies LD3.0 is next-generation perimerter magnetic loop amplifier. Continuous 10Arms output current capable and all necessary functionalities (AGC, MLC, etc) ensure rooms installation of 1000m².

The amplifier incorporates a fault synthesis that controls continuously the loop and the amplifier. The information is displayed on the front panel and can be deported thanks to a dry contact.

The LD3.0 can also bo used in a low diaphonic phased loop system or an ultra high coverage system with a built-in 90° or 0° phase shift module (2 amplifiers). Solution used for the equipment of large rooms or adjoining rooms (hairpin systems).

The LD3.0 proven technology and quality of manufacturing allow us to offer a 5 years warranty.

  • Class D amplifier
  • Ultra compact design
  • Total efficiency up to 92%
  • Fanless convection
  • Hight output voltage up to 48Vpk
  • Automatic gain control
  • Metal loss correction
  • Wall rounting attachment
  • Continuous loop monitoring with NO-NC relay
  • 5 years warranty
Coverage 1000 m² (20*45 m²)
Operating temperature 0 to +45°C
Storage temperature -30 to +70°C
Audio inputs 3 inputs: x2 line/microphone, x1 100V
Connector type Phoenix and/or Combo Neutrik
Phantom supply 12V 2mA
Sensitivity -50dB microphone, +40dB 100V, -10dB line
Priority 100V input, INPUT 1
Type Integrated
Voltage 115/230V (automatic)
50/60 Hz
Nominal power consumption at 1 Ohm 90 W
Maximum input power <350VA
Consumption at rest on connected loop 9W at 230V AC, 1 loop of 1 Ohm connected, at ambient temperature after 30 minutes of stabilization
THD <0,5% @1ohm / 1KHz / nominal current
Automatic gain control AGC optimized for speech
Dynamic > 36dB
Bandwidth 80 Hz to 9,5 kHz at -3 dB
Loop impedance 0,5Ω à 3Ω
Output voltage 34V rms(48V pK)
Peak current 15A pK
RMS current 10A rms
Slave output 0°or 90°phase shift
LED display «Power», «Protect», «Clip», «Loop»
Metal loss correction 0 to 3 dB per octave
Relay NO/NC fault relay
0,5A/125Vac, 1A/24VDC
HxLxD 42 x 200 x 215 mm
Weight 1,48 kg

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