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For the installation of copper tapes, Opus Technologies provides the ADH-RC, a protection adhesive tape which allows to warn and secure induction loop installations. This adhesive tape is printed in 2 languages (English & French) with a warning message, a « do not cut » and T-coil pictograms. The ADH-RC is designed to protect and signal induction loop presence. For example, this accessory can alert a carpet fitters of its location, so that avoid cutting cables. Easy to set, just glue the adhesive tape on the copper leaves

Adhesive nature Natural rubber, hydrocarbon and natural resins, pigments, plasticizers and antioxidants
Film nature Polyvinyl chloride film
Total thickness 0,056 mm
Substrate thickness 0,032 mm
Tackiness 220 g/cm
Tension 5,0 kg/cm
Elongation at break 45 %
Temperature resistance +65 °C
Width 75 mm
Lenght 60 m


Declaration of conformity