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The OP-6507B is an audio intercom allowing clear conversations when communications are altered by barriers such as masks, the presence of double glazing, security screen, or other counter security systems.

It makes conversation easier for hard of hearing people struggling to understand clearly a conversation partner wearing a mask.

The OP-6507B, bidirectional window intercom, offers a “full duplex” sound quality. In addition to its sleek, compact design, the OP6507 is equipped with a DSP processor, allowing you to compensate for sound levels for unique listening comfort. Paired with a DCL20-65 loop amplifier, the OP-6507B makes reception desks more accessible for hearing-impaired people. Hearing aid users, will be able to hear and communicate easily, even in noisy environments.

Thanks to Opus technologies  window intercom, protect your employees and customers, maintaining social distance, while maintaining an optimal listening quality.

  • Duplex Class D Amplifier
  • Ultra compact Design
  • Speaker and microphone on surface
  • With or without induction loop
  • Three different scene modes (noise/standard/quiet)
  • Analog output on the interface to record conversations
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Norms:
    • Certified CE, ROHS & WEEE
    • EN 60118-4 ( OP-6505B only)
Power supply voltage DC 12V≤5W
Working temperature & Humidity  -20°C ~ +50°C, <90%RH (no condensation)
Audio Latency None
Audio coding PCM/AAC
S/N (Signal to noise ratio) >90dB
Frequency response 20Hz~16kHz
Audio sampling 16kHz~32kHz
Receptionist microphone 160x95x46,5 – 0,6kg
Speaker-microphone 102x83x24 – 0,2kg
DCL20-65 http://opus-technologies.fr/dcl20-65/

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