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Window intercom system

To promote hearing accessibility, Opus Technologies distributes a range of window intercom system. 

The counter intercom system associated with the DCL20 loop amplifier is a kit called OP-6505/07B. It makes communication possible for people who are hard of hearing. Hearing aid wearers will be able to hear and communicate easily, even in noisy environments such as station halls or concert hall queues.

Agent / client communication system for secure counters such as banks, ticket counters, or any other area with a window between interlocutors.
Available with or without magnetic loop system.

Discover Opus technologies’s window intercom range. Our window intercom allows clear conversations when communications are altered by barriers such as mask, double glazing, security screen, or other counter security systems. It makes conversation easier for people struggling to understand clearly a conversation especially in a noisy environment. The intercoms fit in many types of environments such as banks, train station, tickets offices, money exchange… 

A loop solution is available for every Opus Technologies intercom system, facilitating communication for hearing device wearers. 


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