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Opus Technologies presentation

Opus Technologies designs and manufactures in France the most compact class D loop amplifier series, offering the best performance on the international market.

Our exclusive technology provides hearing-impaired people with improved sound quality in public places such as theaters, conference rooms or reception counters.

To ensure our partners are monitored and to maximize the number of installations that comply with the requirements of IEC-60118-4, we provide permanent support to all our dealers. We provide customized case studies, technical training, but also a custom design of Class D amplification products.

Our 10 years of experience in electronic and audio development allow us to combine in-depth knowledge in class D amplification technology with  mastering the reality in the world of AV installation.

The Opus Technologies Quality

The quality of audio processing is at the heart of the design process of our amplifiers. Our systems incorporate a compressor to eliminate clipping, TO limit and avoid audio signal distortion, to provide optimal comfort for people who are hard of hearing. This treatment grants users with exceptional clarity.

We maintain close links with end users via the hearing impaired associations in order to guarantee products that combine reliability, simplicity and quality of listening without fault.

The Opus Technologies Warranty

Our systems are developed with strict and rigorous specifications allowing us to offer you a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

The Future of Opus Technologies

We believe in market developments and we make progress every day in the development of projects to bring you new solutions, always with this idea in mind: reliability, simplicity and listening quality as priority.

Our participations in national and international fairs allows us to be at the customer's beside, which impulse us to innovate.