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UHF Wireless Systems

To promote the hearing accessibility, Opus Technologies distributes wireless UHF systems. This solution works with a radio link from a transmitter (OP-10STX) to a receptor (OP-10R). The transmitter receives a sound which is converted in an electromagnetic signal toward an antenna. Therefore this signal can be perceived by one or several other antennas. Using means of communication allows every people with a receiver device, such as a headset, to perceive the sound transmitted.

For people who are equipped with hearing aids, a neckloop (TR-IL) allows to transmit the sound to its devices.

This range of products offers a large panel of utilization in terms of assistive listenning, such as guided tours in museums, touristic centers or any touristic places, simultaneous translation in conference rooms, theaters or auditoriums and medium distance audio transmission in stadiums, amphitheaters, cinemas, etc.

This kind of installation is reliable, easy to use and doesn’t imply construction works. Moreover, some utilizations can be combined. For example a conference room could be equipped with a simultaneous translation system and use a channel dedicated to people with hearing loss.


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