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Into a complex environment such as a reception or at the checkout of a supermarket, hearing aids of hearing people cannot guarantee an optimal listening. Indeed, surrounded sounds are amplified by the hearing aids. In this context, an hearing people would meet comprehension difficulties.


This type of installation allows :

  1. A direct and qualitative communication with hearing people equipped.
  2. A comprehension for everyone.
  3. An unique listening experience for the hearing people
  4. A time saving

Opus Technologies amplifiers allows to :

  1. Communicate directly with the hearing people equipped without complementary receiver
  2. Be installed directly on a reception or a checkout without modification on the workstation

Some elements have to be taken into account throughout the material installation for having an optimal performance of our system :

  • An integration into or onto the reception
  • The metal presence into the furniture
  • The listening zone in front of the reception or the checkout

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