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RC01- 50—100


Copper leaf is a simple and discret implantation solution for a installation of a magnetic loop. This cable can be fitted under most coverings such as carpet, wood, tile, linoleum, laminate or vinyl without any effect on the magnetic. For multiloops, the copper tape adjusts easily the wiring of the segments on the floor

Following the installation, the cable isn’t visible under coverings and is secured on the floor with a printed warning tape (ADH-RC) which alerts to its presence.

Copper tape RC01 has a 1mm² section and is 10mm widths and 0.1mm of thickness and is isolated by a Malinex tape of 0.5mm.

The resistance is approximatly of 10mΩ/m.

This type of copper tape is ideal for an induction loop installation in a small area.

Connection with a link cable (OP-LI5/10/15) for going to the amplifier is very simple, the first option is to use terminals C10-RC and crimp it to the cable and the copper tape. The other one is to scratch the Melinex tape for welding the link cable directly to the leaf.

For angles, just fold the tape back on itself.



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