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The OP-10STX emitter is discreet and sleek allows you to ensure a wireless transmission for simultaneous translation, auditive accessibility or wireless audio transmission. The frequency used for this line is 863-865 MHz.
Two distincts input signals (CH1/CH2) can be logged through combo plug on the rear face. Their level can be settled separately and can be transmitted mixed.

Another input signal (CH3) can be led to the OP-10STX through a 6.35 mono jack plug and be used for monitor applications, to the stereo 3.5 jack plug on the front face. The volume for this output is adjustable : it is also possible to listen to channels 1 et 2 and to control them. To link other devices without an important wiring need on system, two loop outputs are available.


Fixed emitter

Datasheet Datasheet

OP-10R - Receiver

OP-900i - Antenna

OP-10SRX - Fixed receiver