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The Opus LD3.0 range is a new generation of magnetic loop amplifier. This robust amplifier is the most compact on the market while providing the necessary functionality (AGC, MLC, compressor..etc) to ensure installation of a 1000m² room complying with EN60118-4 standard.

The LD3.0 is a high-efficiency Class D amplifier offering optimum power for medium to large area up to 1 000 m². The device has 2 inputs (combo and terminal) line or microphone and a priority line input 100V.

The unit provides an output current of 10Arms and AGC to ensure optimum audio quality.

The amplifier incorporates a default monitoring that controls the input signal and the integrity of the loop. The information is visible on the front panel and can be offset through a dry contact.

The LD3.0 can also be used in-phase loop system to ultra low crosstalk or large blanket system through a phase shift unit 90 ° or 0 ° integrated (2 amplifiers). This solution is used for the equipment of large halls or adjoining rooms (hairpin systems).

The LD3.0 was developed with a set of strict and rigorous specifications enabling us to offer a 5 years warranty.

3 mounting-kit available: 1U 1 amp (OP-R1), 2 amps 1U (OP-R2) and wall mount kit (OP-M1).

Induction loop amplifier

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