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The new LD1.0 from the Opus range is a new generation induction loop amplifier . This reliable amplifier offers the necessary features (AGC, MLC, compressor, etc.) to ensure a 250m2 room installation, in compliance with the EN60118-4 standard . The LD1.0 is a high efficiency class-D amplifier guaranteeing maximal power for small and medium rooms. With a 250 m2 coverage capacity, the device is equipped with 3 inputs: 2 commutable/ switchable in line inputs ( terminals and combo ) or microphone and 1 priority 100 V input. The device provides a 5A RMS output current along with a compressor and a AGC allowing to guarantee an optimal audio quality. The amplifier integrates a default synthesis that controls the input signal, the loop and the amplifier. The information is visible on the front panel and can be shifted with dry contact. The LD1.0 can also be used in a phase-shift system of low crosstalk with an embedded phase-shift module of 90° or 0° (2 amplifiers). Solution used to equip contiguous rooms -pin (out)system-. The LD1.0 was been developed with a strict and rigorous specification which allows us to offer a 5-year warranty . 3 mounting kits

available: 1U 1amplifier (OP-R1), ), 1U 2 amplifiers (OP-R2) and a wall-mounting device (OP-M1).

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