Throughout a stay in a hotel, hearing people can met several situations which could affect their comfort, such as comprehension problems at the reception or in a conference room which are often used for business meeting. Therefore, hearing aids of hearing people cannot garentee an optimal listening. Indeed, surrounded sounds are amplified by the hearding aids. In this context, an hearing people would met comprehension difficulties.

For facing this problem, magnetic induction loop system by Opus Technologies is the solution. This type of installation gareentes :

– A direct and qualitative communication with hearing people equipped.

– A comprehension for everyone.

– An unique listening experience for the hearing people

– A listening comfort

Opus Technologies amplifiers allows to :

– Communicate directly whith the hearing people equipped whithout complementary receiver.

– Be installed directly on a reception whithout modification on the workstation. 

– The users to move freely into the equipped space without listening alteration.

– Be installed on a variety of structure such as ones under construction, temporary or already existent.


Some elements have to be taken in account throughout the material installation for having an optimal performence of our system :

For a reception

  • An integration into or onto the reception
  • The metal presence into the furniture.
  • The listening zone in front of the reception.

For a conference room

  • The presence of adjoining rooms or removable wall
  • The sound recording which is complex in a meeting room because speakers are often numerous. Therefore it is necessary to plan an adapted sound recording according to the room capacity
  • The metal presence
  • The loop positionnement (floor or ceiling)

Thanks to our know-how on this market, you have the assurance of an optimal result which is adapted to your constraints. For further informations, please contact your local distributor or write us on


Adapted products to this kind of application :




This listening accessibilty application can be integrated into a variety of cases, such as :

Reception / Counter



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