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The DLT2 is a constant amplifier designed to drive induction loop up to 20W or 4A peak. Thanks to Opus’s proprietary control topology, the DLT2 is ideally suited to any system from 0,1Ω to wide induction loop. Furthermore, compact technology amplifier provides simple, cost-effective

and reliable solution.

Input is insulated with 3 different dividers for various sensitivity from 0 to -25 dbu. The power supply is composed of a wide input range with a permanent voltage of 12V-160V DC making him ideal for versatile transportation applications.

The DLT2 is designed in conformity with safety standards and withstands 1500VDC isolation between each electrical potential.

*For further informations about embedded solutions, please contact us.

  • Ideal to install an iduction loop into a bus, subway, train, taxi…
  • Easy to set up
  • Procure a great consummer experience for hearing impaired

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