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Into a complex environment such as a meeting room, hearing aids of hearing people cannot guarantee an optimal listening. Indeed, surrounded sounds are amplified by the hearing aids. In this context, a hard of hearing people would meet comprehension difficulties.

This type of installation allows :

  1. Accessibility for all workers and visitors
  2.  A comprehension for everyone
  3. Enhance productivity
  4. No discrimination

Opus Technologies amplifiers allows to :

  1. Communicate directly with the hearing people equipped without complementary receiver
  2. The users to move freely into the equipped space without listening alteration
  3. Be installed on a variety of structure such as ones under construction, temporary or already existent

Some elements have to be taken into account throughout the material installation for having an optimal performance of our system :

  • The presence of adjoining rooms or removable wall
  • The sound recording which is complex in a meeting room because speakers are often numerous. Therefore, it is necessary to plan an adapted sound recording, according to the room capacity
  • The metal presence
  • The loop position (floor or ceiling)

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